How To Increase Brand Awareness Online

Websites have become a vital marketing tool for all businesses, and the pages of these online advertisements offer people an opportunity to draw attention to their brand. The challenge is how to consistently bring new customers to a page and how to encourage repeat visits. Marketing experts have discovered many effective ways to make a business page interesting enough to draw attention and encourage a sale. Here are several examples of how to increase brand awareness.

Social Media Management Savvy

Approximately 3.8 billion people around the world use social media platforms. Many people visit multiple sites every day. Most social media users have a mix of personal and professional pages they follow or connect with regularly. Businesses cannot afford to avoid this opportunity. Companies can hire social media managers on their own payroll or use outside companies to keep their pages fresh.

how to increase brand awareness

Not everyone considers podcasts social media platforms, but they do present another valuable opportunity. Savvy businesses now use services like YouTube and original podcasts to tie their social media accounts together and draw traffic to all sites, as well as to their business website. A teaser for a new video or podcast can go out on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and encourage viewers or listeners to check out the media for more information or entertainment.

A presence on multiple sites increases the potential of interested consumers discovering a company. A well-crafted page can pique interest enough to cause consumers to follow the links to a website. Fresh daily content puts the business name into the social news feed of the users and builds familiarity with the logo and business name.

Coordinating your multitude of social media profiles can seem daunting. Fortunately, there are services like ContentStudio which allows you to schedule posts months at a time to all your social profiles. ContentStudio even helps you find trending content that your customers will engage with. This is the social media management platform that we use.

Visually Appealing Content

Humans recall more of the information they receive when it includes images rather than only text. About 90 percent of the information the brain receives is visual information because it processes this type of data faster. It is one of the reasons why every company needs an eye-catching logo for effective brand awareness.

Photographs, infographics, and illustrations allow people to deliver information to their audience faster than they could with only words. People often scan information quickly and are drawn to posts with images for this reason. A recent study of Twitter users found that the inclusion of an image made a tweet 94 percent more likely to be retweeted. 

brand visual assets
We use Stencil to create images for our ads and web content.

Not all visuals work as effectively as others. Use high-quality images, effective infographics, and illustrations that offer either entertainment or information. Any visual that lacks a professional edge or seems outdated could make the company itself seem unprofessional or outdated. Make certain all visual content matches the information in the text to avoid confusion.

Freebies and Prizes

Everyone loves a free sample or a gift. In many instances, it is possible to excite a crowd with a giveaway even if most of the people accepting the gift have no use for the merchandise. Many websites offer free trials or samples because they know it encourages the casual browser to stop, divulge their personal information, and potentially make a future purchase.

how to build brand awareness
Giveaways are a great way to attract attention to your brand.

Contest wins are even more exciting. Contests not only enable people to get something for nothing, but they also draw on the competitive nature of humans to want more than other people. A freebie is a fantastic reward, but a product that is won is even more precious because it is something that not everyone receives.

Companies that choose to offer free items or contests will draw traffic to their business or their social media platforms. Not every visitor that arrives for the free stuff or the chance to win will return, but all visitors will see the logo and learn the company name. Many shoppers will return, and every visitor will leave behind their information for future marketing campaigns. 

How to Increase Brand Awareness with Unique Content

Websites do not always have to include an obvious sales pitch. Many companies now use social media sites to inform and entertain. Business blogs, found on the company website and shared on social media, have also become popular. A blog can be used to inform people of changes within the company or to introduce new products. A more effective method is to create a blog that educates and entertains.

Blogs can include photographs, videos or articles. A painting contractor may post an article on the house colors most likely to receive approval from neighbors. A company that sells bathroom tile posts a how-to video on the installation of their product. A business that sells scarves includes an infographic on the most popular ways to wear their latest design. An endless amount of possibilities exists, and the views will increase if the posts offer something the average person in the target audience may like or need.

Informative Customer Reviews Increase Brand Awareness

social media marketing
Review management is a key component to your strategy.

A stunning 95 percent of online shoppers check product or company reviews before they make a purchase. Genuine customer reviews help every prospective customer to feel a sense of trust and confidence in the business. Social media reviews from genuine customers can motivate people even more. Even minor complaints on social media pages have the power to encourage future sales if the company responds quickly and professionally to the situation. A fast response shows consumers that the company cares about their customers and their reputation. Brand awareness is most easily illustrated by how people refer to any hot tub as a Jacuzzi or any soft drink as a Coke. The companies that have mastered the art of how to increase brand awareness have the names of their creations used to describe an entire range of products. Companies do not always expand worldwide, and the owners do not necessarily need to feel as if they must meet this type of lofty goal. The examples simply prove what talented marketing of a solid product can achieve. The development of a memorable logo and other visual branding helps consumers to remember certain companies, but these items must be seen before this can happen. To make brand awareness possible it is necessary to encourage people to look at the company and what they have to offer.

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