How To Win A Giveaway Contest

As social media platforms continue to rise in popularity, more people are interested in growing their following on their accounts to reach influencer status or gain awareness for their brand.

These contests are great incentives to get people to follow an account and are one of the more popular referral marketing examples. If you are one of those people who tend to be unlucky, you may not be implementing the best tactics for winning. Perhaps you are not paying close attention to the qualifications. For example, the rules for applying for a giveaway vs. sweepstakes vary.

Before you join another contest, be sure you brush up on tips to win a giveaway contest. Once you understand the tricks and tips for winning, you might start entering them more frequently.

How To Win A Giveaway Contest

Understand The Rules

how to win a giveaway contest

Entering a contest can be exciting. As soon as you see it pop up on your favorite companies’ pages, you may start envisioning what you would do with the prize. After you finish daydreaming, you have to get practical. First, you have to determine what kind of contest it is. If you are applying for a giveaway vs. sweepstakes, keep in mind that a giveaway has specific guidelines.

Sweepstakes winners are picked at random, but you can improve your chances of winning by earning more entries. However, if you are entering, you must make sure that you follow all of the guidelines and be the best at what they are asking for to improve your chances. This includes answering any giveaway questions as thoroughly as possible. Stack the odds in your favor.

Check whether there are restrictions for location, age, time zone as well as other restrictions that may disqualify your entry. Then, be sure to follow what they are asking for with high accuracy. For example, if you are asked to post a throwback picture of yourself along with a current photo, be sure to find the most appropriate images.

Understand the theme of the promotion. If the aim is to show how much you’ve changed over the years, then using a picture that shows you’ve changed very little isn’t a good selection for the competition. Be smart and deliberate with your entry.

Giveaway Only Accounts

Many people will tell you that if there is no limit restriction regarding the number of entries, then you should enter as many times as possible. Usually, these people open separate social accounts, which they only post contests to protect the flow of content on their main account.

There are disadvantages to this approach. Even though someone who enters 100x may have a more significant advantage than someone who registers once or twice, the person who uses a giveaway-only account will not have a personal touch to their account.

If the host chooses to check profiles before selecting a winner, they will learn nothing about you from seeing a giveaway-only account.

Be Thoughtful

giveaway vs sweepstakes

Think about the host. Hosting a giveaway is a fun thing to do for fans of the brand or followers, but the host also would like to gain a more substantial following in the process. This is a classic example of a win-win scenario.

Help the host out by doing some social media sharing for them. Share the entry on your Instagram Stories and among your other platforms. This will often gain you more entries in the contest or, in the case of an Instagram sweepstakes, the sweepstakes host may choose you because you not only followed the rules but you promoted for them, which was not a requirement.

Any bonus activity, such as social media sharing, could tip the scale in your favor when it comes time to choose a winner.

Restricted Giveaways

A great tip to win is to pick contests that have a short turnaround time. The longer the time frame, the more people will enter. The more niche and restricted it is, the better your odds are of winning.

For example, if the host only accepts entries from the U.S., your odds are remarkably higher than one that allows international participants.

Random Winner Sweepstakes

Keep in mind that giveaways are frequently created for promotional purposes so you should place yourself in the mindset of the host. Would it look right if one of Kendall Jenner’s besties won one of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram sweepstakes? Of course not. Even if her friend had every right to enter because she fit the qualifications, she could never win. If her name was randomly drawn, it would have to be disqualified to preserve the integrity of the host. Then a different name would have to be selected in her place.

If you have a more than friendly relationship with the host, and it is well-known on social media, then it might not be a great idea to enter that specific contest.

Late Entries

If you want another technique to win a contest, think about entering one that has a short turnaround time. The less time there is to join, the fewer entrants there will be and the better your chances will be. If practical, join as late as you can.

How To Win An Instagram Contest

Limit Regram Photos

Make your Instagram profile stand out. If your account is half-completed, update it before entering the contest. Your profile bio should be enjoyable as well as an excellent portrayal of what you include most often on your page.

Let the sweepstakes host be able to place a face to the entry by uploading a beautiful picture of yourself. By looking at your profile, the host should be able to identify a few good qualities about you. If you are entering other contests as well, that is fine but be sure not to regram too many other entries on your account.

You do not want a lot of other contests to dominate your page, or it will look like you just want to win any prize from any promotion, making the host feel you do not really connect with their message. If the host is looking for a person who will be the happiest with winning, you may not be their first pick if you have too many other options.

Make sure your Instagram page looks impeccable and enter during the last couple of days that you are eligible to enter. By entering late, you will be at top of mind if the host happens to start viewing entries from the most recently submitted.

How can I increase my chances of winning a giveaway?

Help the host out by doing some social media sharing for them. Share the entry on your Instagram Stories and among your other platforms. The host may choose you because you not only read and followed the criteria but you promoted for them, which was not a requirement for winning.

Here is a link to the science of why we share. Perhaps you can gain a few insights and tips that will help you with your contest-winning aspirations.

Winning a sweepstakes online does make you lucky, especially if the prize is fantastic. You do not need a bot to win. But it does not hurt to be strategic when you are selecting and entering a sweepstakes on Instagram. If you do your best at polishing your profile, following the guidelines and applying the smart tricks shared above, you may not win the first sweepstakes, but you’ll increase your odds of winning in the future.

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